The Modi-Shah combine has pushed the opposition to wall by fielding R.N.Kovind as the presidential candidate. Opposition, if at all, fields any candidate in the fray, the candidate now compulsorily has to be a DALIT. According to sources, earlier the Congress led opposition was considering between Meira Kumar (a dalit) and  Gopal Krishna Gandhi for the numero uno constitutional post. But after the NDA played the ‘Kovind‘card, it has become imperative for the otherwise ‘taken aback’ opposition to put stake on only and only a DALIT. So, Gopal Krishna Gandhi has been excluded only to be replaced by one DALIT, Prakash Ambedekar (grandson of B.R.Ambedekar). As of now the list features of two DALITS – Meira Kumar and Prakash Ambedekar (however, it may change anytime for the opposition is in a frantic search for still better DALITS). Out of the two DALITS, Prakash Ambedkar stands a better chance for Meira Kumar from congress may not be liked by left parties, AAP and others. Also, advantage with Prakash Ambedkar, as he belongs to Maharashtra — Shiv Sena may get allured.
This is the state of affair in connection to the election of highest most position in the country. India, a republic with the maxim of ‘socialism’ and ‘secularism’ — but in practice …… may we say, it is casteism and only casteism….


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